CrashJS: A NodeJS Benchmark for Automated Crash Reproduction


Software bugs often lead to software crashes, which cost US companies upwards of $2.08 trillion annually. Automated Crash Reproduction (ACR) aims to generate unit tests that successfully reproduce a crash. The goal of ACR is to aid developers with debugging, providing them with another tool to locate where a bug is in a program. The main approach ACR currently takes is to replicate a stack trace from an error thrown within a program. Currently, ACR has been developed for C, Java, and Python, but there are no tools targeting JavaScript programs. To aid the development of JavaScript ACR tools, we propose CrashJS: a benchmark dataset of 453 Node.js crashes from several sources. CrashJS includes a mix of real-world and synthesised tests, multiple projects, and different levels of complexity for both crashes and target programs.


Philip Oliver, Jens Dietrich, Craig Anslow, Michael Homer

Published in

International Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR), 2024

The final copy of this publication is available from the publisher.


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